Luxury Tipi Lounge and Bar

Relax and unwind in our Luxury Tipi Lounge. A unique and whimsical environment filled with sumptuous furnishings; the perfect spot for any weary festival goer! Based on a classic Nordic design the natural canvas Tipis are on an interlocking framework of stripped pine poles which have been roughly-hewn for a beautifully tactile finish.

The tents are filled with a collection of bespoke interior furnishings custom designed from the ground up. Cut from a single Black American Walnut Tree the lounge furniture has been lovingly crafted as beautiful one-off pieces by talented artisan craftsman.


From furniture to lighting & soft furnishings through to cocktail bars, every item in the tents has either been handmade or carefully chosen with synergy in mind. Upholstered in a plush fabric our sofas and poufs are soft to the touch and impossible to resist! The lounge space is an island of calm in a sea of fun, just the place for a late night drink before bed or the staging post for your next adventure to the Pyramid Stage!